Lawn & Garden Cleanup Service

Does your garden and yard look neglected and need a cleanup. We can cater for a general tidy up to a complete blitz style yard makeover. Our cleanup and blitz style makeovers are designed to bring your yard back to life. This is perfect for owners selling a house and wanting the external presentation to add value.

Our team can make your yard beautiful again

Additional Information about Cleanups

  • We can provide a small cleanup to spruce up your garden or
  • We can provide a complete Blitz style makeover of your yard
  • Lawns mowed and treated
  • Plants and shrubs pruned
  • Overgrown areas cleared
  • Garden beds dug up and touched up
  • Complete tidy up of yard
  • Other services available as required
  • Efficient and successful yard management requires regular maintenance. A yard cleanup is not a permanent solution.

Our lawn and garden makeovers are a very popular service. We can have our team in and out in a couple of hours for small cleanups and usually less than a day for blitz stlye makeovers.

The price for this service will depend on a number of factors and we are happy to provide a free quote to make your yard a pleasant place to be again.


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